Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two interactive lectures – $90.00 for the series
Wednesday Evenings, April 13th & May 11th, 6:15-8:00pm

Maria Smithburg, landscape architect, will discuss principles of imaginative garden design, illustrated with a stunning slide show of her work, and open your mind to new possibilities for your own home landscaping. And Maria loves questions.

Maria comes to Botanicals with wide experience in design, from urban parks to residential gardens, and with kudos as an enlightening lecturer at the University of Illinois – Chicago, the Chicago Botanic Garden, The Arts Club and numerous garden clubs. A recipient of many design awards (including Mayor Daley’s City Award three times), Maria has a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from Harvard and Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires.

LECTURE I: The Imagination
We will look at the organizing ideas and principles that gives gardens meaning in different settings, remembering that “a garden is a garden not because of the plants in themselves, however fine they may be, but because they are so arranged that the imagination of the viewer creates something out of them.”

LECTURE II: Inspiration and Re-creation
We will look to the concept and content of some inspirational gardens, as well as to clues in nature, for sources of design ideas and as a way to consolidate our understanding of texture, form, color, structure and use of plant material in creating garden compositions.

CALL 773.269.3142 ext. 425 to REGISTER. CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED.


  1. “Gardens are so arranged that the imagination of the viewer creates something out of them” – You will eventually enjoy the presence of your garden if it is made through the ideas conceived by your own imagination. I know we can get some inspiration from the works of others, but it’s different and more fulfilling when you turn your ideas into reality.

    -- Shona Martinez

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